Friday, April 1, 2011

We Finally Have a Venue!

I know I've held off on sharing our venue for a while, so today, I'm happy as a peach to finally show off... our wedding venue!

I realized I was being selfish with our wedding choices - wanting to including things like flowers, wine, dresses.  After all, those things don't really define us as a couple.  So for our wedding, we'll be embracing one of M's favorite hobbies - paintball.
It took me a while to get into it, but now I'm imagining a picturesque ceremony in the bunkers:

Romantic, no?  [source]
Tons of opportunities for great wedding photos!  [src]

And no reason our wedding party can't be just as formal!

[source] [source]
And forget those costly Trash the Dress sessions - our wedding will be all-inclusive!

Well... what do you guys think??  :D

Okay, I kid, I kid!  Kudos to any bride with the guts to defy convention and go all out country for her wedding.  I think M will be sticking to a paintball bachelor party, though.  ;)


  1. Okay not gonna lie - I thought you were serious! I completely forgot today was April Fools Day, and I was going to commend you on being so original haha!

  2. @♥ cheryl elisabeth Totally original, and *totally* not happening! I've been anti-paintball since I went with FI and he shot me in the head - ouch! :D

  3. Haha.... That was awesome. I thought you were serious too, and I had just commented earlier on one of your posts about your venue. I was really confused there for a second! Paintball bachelor pics would be really cool though ;)

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