Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flavor of the Week

Guess what?  This weekend, M and I are taking yet another roadtrip down to our venue-to-be... and signing the contract!  Thanks for your patience leading up to the big reveal.  I'd have hated to show off our gorgeous, awesome venue to you all and then have it not worked out.  Next week you can look forward to a bunch of venue posts, about all the lovely details of our site to the nitty-gritty logic and how we came to sign our contract.  It's been a month in the making, folks, and I'm excited!

Today though, let's talk about theme.  It seems like you can't have a wedding anymore without some kind of theme.  Whether it's just your wedding colors that inspire the decor, a motif or quote used throughout, or a full-blown creative choice that dictates the look and feel of the wedding.

An inspiration board showcasing lavender and pink decor [source]
It could be that less is more, but I want it all.  I'm in love with the large-scale themed weddings some brides have put together:

[sources credited here]
What's not to love about a carnival themed wedding?  It's the perfect mix of fun and love (without the carnies).  I even briefly considered this theme while having a small love affair with Glen Echo Park, but sadly, it was a short-lived fantasy.

All photos from WeddingChicks, Image created by MosaicMaker
Then there's the adorably whimsical Up-themed wedding that Lynnette and James created.  M and I have a special spot in our heart for all things Disney (we visited Disney World on our first vacation together!) and I love the giant balloons, pastel palette, and romantic touches (the mailbox??  *sigh*).  I doubt there's a bride out there who hasn't spent at least a second awww-ing at these pictures.

But even though I love these all-out efforts, it doesn't seem like it's in the cards for our wedding day.  Still, I want something to tie our wedding together outside of our color scheme.  Something we can repeat on signs and stationary, that will inspire the centerpieces and cakes, and remind us and our guests of our wedding for years to come:
All photos from WeddingBee, Image created by MosaicMaker
Like the super sweet typewriter theme that the erudite Mrs. Lovebug put together?  Adorable.  I'd rip this off right now if I felt like I was literary enough to pull it off.  Unfortunately, I've never owned a typewriter, and gave up my creative writing major after one semester.  This blog, and a certain love for Courier  is all I've got.

But wait, there's more....

Lovebirds [source]

Damask motif [source]
Music theme [source]
In the end, having our wedding at a vineyard will surely end up influencing almost every aspect of our wedding (I've already been browsing wine-themed centerpieces, invitations, escort cards, favors... and on.)  But I wouldn't call M and I master sommeliers, or even great wine-lovers.  We're just as likely to be sipping micro-brews or a mixed drink (we're equal-opportunity drinkers).  So I'd like to find something more personal to us to flavor our wedding.  What that is?  I have no idea.


  1. These are all great ideas...I don't have a theme...but maybe I will be motivated to get one...haha

  2. We have a vintage infused simple wedding thing going on. Clicked on your link on weddingbee, love your blog!

  3. Hi! I found our blog on weddingbee and am following your journey now. We don't really have a theme.. ours is just a fall wedding with a spring twist, lol. I LOVEEEE carnival weddings, but it just didn't work out for us to do that.

  4. I just clicked on you from Weddingbee too. : ) I love your inspiration boards... Beautiful! Love the typewriter keys!! And a vinyard wedding will be amazing... Can't wait to see pics of your venue.