Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Quick Bunting Tutorial

The second little detail I conquered for our party wasn't really Disney related at all.  But visions of bunting were swirling around in my head, and I knew our Countdown was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at this adorable darling of the wedding world:

Bundles of bunting!
I haven't measured out how much I made, but I'd estimate it's somewhere around 60ft.  Yikes.  The whole project took me about four nights: two to cut out the triangles, two to glue them on string (or, about 8 episodes of Battlestar Galactica).  Supplies were minimal, just scrapbook paper and embroidery thread - I ended up using ten sheets of paper total.

Materials from
For the most part, I followed the mini-bunting tutorial that Mrs. Stripes posted on Weddingbee.  However, after a day or two of fruitless searching, I couldn't find a diamond or triangle punch for a decent price.  The frugal part of me didn't want to spend $13.99 on a crafty puncher that I'd only use for one project.  So instead, I cut out the pennants using regular scissors.  Here's the easy way to fold and cut your paper for perfect 2" x 1.5" pennants:

Not my photo, but you get the idea [src]
1.  Accordion fold your paper so that each fold is as long as you want your pennants.  For 12"x12" scrapbook paper, this meant folding it 6 times so that each fold was 2" across.

2.  Cut your strip in half, and then fourths.  Now your strip should be 2" x 3", fold it in half one more time:

3.  At this point your paper is about 12 layers thick, but you should still be able to cut it.  Cut from the corners of the short end to the middle of the long end to cut out your triangle:

The benefit of this is that in addition to the 6 pennants you cut out, you get another 3 pennants along the folded edge.  This way, each sheet of paper should yield 32 flags.  Plus, they're pre-folded!

From there, I just used a glue stick and pasted them on my embroidery string at regular intervals.  I liked the look with a little bit of spacing, but you could paste them so they touch, too.  And voila!

Kitties love bunting, too
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