Monday, May 16, 2011

Flower Power

A long time ago (like, last month), I promised myself I would never use flower balls or pomanders for our wedding decor.  They were just too everywhere, I thought.  It seemed like every bridal blog had a tutorial for tissue paper pomanders, and every bride had at least a few strung up at her reception.

But lately, images like these have been changing my mind...


Breathtaking, no? [src]

Pomanders for the flower girl are pretty common, but what about...

Mini flower balls for the bridesmaids...  [source]
...Or a whimsical moss ball bouquet for the bride? [from]

Still, it wasn't until I saw this picture that I realized how beautiful these little fluffy flowers looked as aisle decor:


Love at first sight?  I think so!  I went out and bought 16 short shepherd's hooks at Dollar Tree practically the next day.  My grand vision is to spray paint them gold and hang a mix of purple flower balls and lanterns on each side of the aisle.  Our ceremony site has white chairs like the ones pictures above, and the walkway from the boardwalk to the pergola is paved with slate flagstones so I think the overall effect will be pretty similar to my inspiration photo.

Like this maybe?  [src above, photoshopped by moi]

So what's your opinion on pomanders?  Love them?  Hate them?  Have you ever had a strong opinion change the more you looked at pictures?


  1. I think they're very pretty. Would you use artificial flowers or real ones? I also think these tissue paper ones look pretty too -

  2. Even though we see pomanders everywhere on the internet I have yet to see them in real life...:-)

  3. @elvi
    You know, you make a great point - I really haven't ever seen them at a wedding! I guess because I see them in "real-wedding" pictures all the time I assumed people were as sick of them as I was, lol. :)

  4. Amazing inspirations for the floral décor. I liked all of these. We also want a DY floral themed ceremony at some outdoor wedding venues and was just seeking some unique ideas for décor. You have helped me thoroughly with this.